Quality Assurance Policy




Last edited on

Aug 19, 2023

  1. Policy Statement

At Falco Energy Group FZCO, our commitment to excellence is underscored by our relentless pursuit of quality in every facet of our operations. We believe in delivering products/services that meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all products, services, and processes associated with our offerings and encompasses every department from Research and Development to Customer Support.

3. Objectives

  • Ensure consistent quality of our products/services by maintaining strict adherence to recognised standards and procedures.

  • Continuously improve our processes and systems.

  • Provide adequate training to our staff to ensure quality standards are met.

  • Ensure feedback mechanisms are in place to learn from both our successes and areas needing improvement.

4. Responsibilities

All staff, irrespective of their role, are responsible for ensuring quality in their work. Specific responsibilities might include:

  • Management: Setting quality objectives, ensuring resources are available, and reviewing the effectiveness of quality initiatives.

  • Quality Assurance Team: Overseeing implementation, conducting regular audits, and ensuring compliance.

  • All Employees: Adhering to quality guidelines, participating in training, and providing feedback for improvement.

5. Procedures

We adhere to national industry standards and employ methods such as Six Sigma to ensure quality. Procedures may include:

  • Regular audits of both internal processes and external suppliers.

  • Feedback loops with clients to gather insights about product/service quality.

  • Ongoing training programs for staff.

6. Monitoring & Review

Quality assurance processes will be regularly reviewed to ensure their effectiveness and updated as necessary. Monitoring may include:

  • Regular internal and external audits.

  • Feedback analysis from clients and stakeholders.

  • Periodic management reviews.

7. Policy Review

This Quality Assurance Policy will be reviewed annually or as deemed necessary due to process changes, updates to standards, or feedback.

8. Communication

This policy is communicated to all employees during their onboarding and is available on the company’s terms and conditions for reference. It's also communicated to relevant stakeholders, suppliers, and clients as necessary